Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 9 with Dougherty: Meet & Greet

Today's Brown Bag Lunch event featured a meet & greet with artist Patrick Dougherty and preliminary overview of how the Stickwork sculpture will develop toward its completion in just 9 short days. Guests enjoyed a homemade meal by board members Shannon Hoekstra & Tim Garcia and eagerly signed up as volunteers for today's afternoon shift. We had a great turnout, with more than 20 pair of hands on deck as we weaved 'til our heart's content!

Mahalo to today's crew:
Anne-Marie Forsythe
Bill Worcester
Charlie Noland
Heidi Karin Konwalinka
Janet Davis
Jarod Mower
Joan Nielsen
Judy Bisgard
Julio Spee
Kelly McHugh
Keri Meyer
Lana Coryell
Larry Lamber
Leaf Van Alstine
Nathalie Nunez
Patrick Dougherty
Ryan Rea
Tim Garcia

Hui volunteers & guests enjoy a delicious gourmet lunch, prepared by board members Shannon Hoekstra and Tim Garcia. Mahalo to you both!

Longtime Hui volunteer and former board president Judy Bisgard prepares to weave eucalyptus leaves into the initial structures.

Staff member Kelly McHugh poses as a beautiful bird in her nest for photographer (and former Pippers model) Anne-Marie Forsythe

Lana Coryell, Keri Meyer, Anne-Marie Forsythe & Judy Bisgard inside of the sculpture

Don't forget tomorrow's artist talk & panel discussion with Dougherty and friends, an intimate occasion to learn about the artist's 30-year history doing this work and to contribute to a communal dialogue about why & how artists and environmentalists can activate social change by working together.
Pass it on!

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