Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 3 with Dougherty: From Polipoli to the Hui

Today’s volunteers on the 3rd and final harvest day for the gigantic Stickwork sculpture were split into 2 groups; half to gather, chop and bundle eucalyptus in Polipoli State Park and the other half to collect the unbelievably abundant collection of strawberry guava from Monday’s Huelo harvest. Both known as invasives here on Maui, eucalyptus and strawberry guava are non-indigenous species that invade native habitats causing negative affects to the area environmentally and ecologically, which means they virtually choke out most all other native plant-life like a weed.
While the main goal of the past 3 days has been to accumulate enough material to create a work of art, countless takeaways have followed us back home. Working alongside DLNR & MISC has been a truly educational experience, as Hui staff, board members, artists and friends engaged in thoughtful discussion throughout each day learning more and more about the importance of safeguarding our natural island resources. It has been rewarding to also be able to share our point of view with these groups about how art can create a bridge of understanding the seemingly overwhelming environmental issues they tackle through their organizational missions- helping to attract and engage new audiences with a hands-on, aesthetically beautiful project that will serve to inspire a new wave of community discourse.

We will be talking more about this topic at next Thursday’s (Sept 15) artist talk & panel discussion, FREE, beginning at 5:30 pm. We would love to hear what you think! In the meantime, please visit us at the Hui between now and September 23rd to witness the live exhibition that will become Patrick Douugherty’s Stickwork installation.

Visit us online for other opportunities to spend time with the artist and your local arts community. Check out our Facebook page for photos, videos & more.

Lissa Fox (MISC), Anne Marie Forsythe (Hui) & Rose Gabriel (volunteer) after a long day collecting eucalyptus in Polipoli

Volunteers load Tim Garcia's truck with strawberry guava in Huelo

Rachel Hodara after a long day of awesome

The afternoon crew after unloading a tractor-trailer of guava

A big Mahalo to today's crew:

Abelardo Rojas Umana
Anne-Marie Forsythe
Carl Polk
Christian Visoria
Gabe Mott
Gilson Killhour
Heide Karin Konwalinka
Jared Barros
Kelly McHugh
Lana Coryell
Lance De Silva & crew
Larry Lambert
Lissa Fox
Miguel Rivas
Mike Ade
Nathalie Nunez
Patrick Dougherty
Rachel Hodara
Rose Gabriel
Ryan Rea
Stephanie "Mapu" Kowalski
Tim Garcia

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