Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 10 – 14 with Dougherty: More Sticks!

If you watched the video on this blog post, you’ll note some cheering & laughter as we prematurely celebrated the abundant harvest of materials we gathered over the course of 3-days expected to complete Dougherty's gigantic work of public art.

Well, if you haven’t guessed by now- we needed more!

We have been so fortunate to have such devoted, inspired, energetic volunteers working with us on this project; hundreds of community members have been stepping up to the plate, tools in hand, ready and willing to snip, cut, truck, weave, rake, and just pitch in in any way they can throughout the duration of this sculpture installation. A special mahalo to the State Department of Land & Natural Resources for facilitating the permit process (again & again) and for offering so many helping hands over the course of the last week as we collected additional white ash in Makawao Forest Reserve and strawberry guava in Huelo.

We’re nearly finished!

Mahalo to the latest crew members, many of which have put in multiple days of volunteerism!
Amy Chang
Ana Olvera
Anne-Marie Forsythe
Bill Worcester
Carla Schneider
Carla Thistle
Carol Childerhouse
Caroline Killhour
Claudia Johnson
Claudio Marchetti
Dan Cho
David & Kathy Parish
Dep't of Land & Natural Resources Crew
Don May
Ed Weller
Elaine Wender
Gilson Killhour
Heidi Karin Konwalinka
Irene Gombac
Jane Honeycutt
Janet Davis
Joan Veilsen
Joani Hixen
John Cassel
Judy Bisgard
Julio Spee
Kari McCarthy
Kay Mcleaod
Kelly McHugh
Lana Coryell
Leaf Van Alstine
Linda Proshe
Linda Weller
Lorne Boyd
Mary Grandy
Miguel Rivas
Nathalie Nunez
Patrick Dougherty
Rachel Deboer
Rachel Edelman
Rachel Hecksher
Rachel Hodara
Robert Meyer
Robin Ferrier
Ryan Rea
Sandy Rice
Sara Farrignton
Stephanie Cliffton
Suzzana Goodwin
Tim Farrington
Tim Garcia
Tom Faught
Wolfgang Beoker
Wolfram Schenk

Don’t forget, the sculpture blessing & opening celebration is scheduled for THIS FRIDAY, September 23 from 5 – 7 pm at Hui No`eau. Please gather your friends and family to help us bid Dougherty a warm aloha and congratulate the hundreds of volunteers and supporters that have made this incredible experience possible. See you there!

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