Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 5-7 with Dougherty: Setting & Weaving

It was a great weekend of scaffolding, digging, de-leafing and large-scale weaving with Dougherty and some 60 volunteers. We are clearly beginning to see the artist's vision in the sculpture that is developing here at Hui No`eau. With only a week & a half to go, there's plenty of work to be done!

We hope to see you at tomorrow's Brown Bag Lunch event and Thursday's Artist Talk & Panel Discussion (details here), both great opportunities to chat with the team and learn more about this groundbreaking program. Visit us online for more.

Mahalo to the following for their hard work and infectious energy this weekend:

Friday's crew:

Carla Thistle

Claudio Marchetti

Elaine Wender

Heide Karin Konwalinka

Julie Spee

Kelly Cannon

Larry Lambert

Lorne Boyd

Luana Coonen

Michael Stone

Nathalie Nunez

Patrick Dougherty

Renee Sante

Rose Gabriel

Tara Branham

William Worcester

Saturday's crew:

Ashley Cooper

Bev Linquist

Briget Ryan

Carla Thistle

Carol Schwarz

Christine Macdonald

Cliris Cruikshank

Colin Meston

Gena Ryan

Grace Woods

Karuna Santoro

Lorne Boyd

Marlee Blakeman

Maya Okamara

Nathalie Nunez

Neil Waring

Patrick Dougherty

Pua Logan

Rachel Deboer

Rita Ryan

Rose Gabriel

Ryan Rea

Sunday's crew:

Amy Puz

Bev Lindquist

Bill worcester

Carla Thistle

Christine Macdonal

Elizabeth Michalkow

Grace Woods

Heidi Konwalinka

Jenny Sheeham

Kyle Barnett

Miranda Camp

Nathalie Nunez

Patrick Dougherty

Pua Logan

Ryan Rea

Ted Krawczyle

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