Monday, January 28, 2013

30 Days of Black & White

: Aloha, Maui residents, visitors and online friends! Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center challenges YOU to participate in its second ever PHOTO-A-DAY Challenge!

HOW IT WORKS: Starting Monday, 1/28, spend 30 days posting your smartphone photos on Instagram or Twitter, inspired by the daily prompts listed here. Be sure to tag your photos and tweets with with hashtag #huiblackandwhite so we can keep track of all of our players! At the end of the 30 days, we’ll award the top players with awesome Hui prizes. Can’t commit to all 30 days? No problem! Join in or opt out anytime, it’s supposed to be FUN!

WHY WE’RE DOING IT: It’s a fun and easy way for everyone to be creative! We are also using this fun exercise as a way to motivate and inspire our social media network to submit entries to our next open-call art exhibition “The New Black: Black & White Photography” featuring guest juror Darrell Orwig. This idea was a smash hit in October 2012 as we prepared for the Hui No’eau Maui Mural Project (you can see many of the images that were tagged with #mauieveryday referenced in our mural in Wailuku in the corner of Market & Main streets) - let’s keep the momentum going!

With a mission to unlock creativity through exceptional visual arts education, the Hui sees this challenge as a way to create art by and for our entire online community!

Once you add #huiblackandwhite to your photo, the hashtag becomes a live link that will lead you to all of the other entries. Check in regularly to see what our community has posted or visit our Facebook page at for highlights. Comment, love, and retweet to your heart’s content!

Wednesday, February 27 is receiving day for “The New Black: Black & White Exhibition”. Call the Hui at (808) 572-6560 or visit us online at for details.

1 Way to Play (Detailed instructions, as requested):

1. Snap a photo using your phone's camera 
2. Open Instagram, click camera icon (middle button), click camera roll icon (the button that is NOT a camera icon)
3. Select the photo from your camera roll that you would like to edit for today's PHOTO-A-DAY Challenge
4. Select a black & white filter and edit as needed
5. Click "next"
6. Where you see "write a caption" type in the day's prompts plus hashtag #huiblackandwhite. You can also add @huinoeau to alert us that we have a new entry - up to you!
7. Click "share"
8. You did it! Your hashtag (#huiblackandwhite) is now a live link. Click it to see all of the other public entries in this collection.
9. Tell a friend - it's way more fun when you have someone to share this stuff with!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hui Announces Black & White Photography Exhibition

Photo by Matthew Thayer, Maui News
In our modern world of fast moving images and bold colors we seldom take a moment to pause and look deeper at the form and rhythm of the world around us. OK artists – now is your chance to capture these moments in time and share them with our Maui ‘oaha!

Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center is proud to present an open call to artists for its annual media-based exhibition, this year focusing on photography, with “The New Black: Black & White Photography Exhibition.” Featuring guest juror and Maui artist icon Darrell Orwig, the goal of this unique juried exhibition is to challenge artists to take pause and explore beyond the realm of color into shades of gray from the deepest blacks to the brightest whites. Both digital and film based prints will be considered – (yes, even smartphone prints!)

“One of my hopes is that people see this as an opportunity to do something they have taken for granted, capture a moment, find an old photograph and re-purpose it, dig into their slide and film archives and recreate a new present from that old past. There’s lots of room for interpretation here,” remarks the juror.

Orwig has worked with photography since 1969, the same year he graduated from Chico State College and moved to Oahu with wife Mary to become a civilian arts and craft instructor at Schofield Barracks on Oahu. He has taught photography for the Honolulu Academy of Arts Extension Services Program, Maui Community College, Seabury Hall and Hui No‘eau Visual Arts Center. His 2011 retrospective exhibition “Waltzing With Time and Place” at Hui No’eau received critical acclaim for “focusing on the miracle of what is right before our eyes,” a relevant compliment for the job at hand of jurying the forthcoming “The New Black” exhibition.

The Hui is such such an integral part of the community -  and an important part, I can’t imagine Maui without it” remarks Orwig, “It is a place that offers an opportunity to learn about the range and scope of what the visual arts can be. Over the 30+ years that I have been involved with the institution, it has over time become a bastion of artistic integrity in terms of the quality of what we present. It’s a place where opportunity thrives; this is the place to find out what to do with your creativity. This is the place to unleash the secret artist that is lurking someplace in our shadows – let that artist out of the bag!”

Receiving day for this open-call exhibition is Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 at the Hui, which is located at 2841 Baldwin Avenue in Makawao. Please visit or call (808) 572-6560 ext. 26 with questions.

The New Black: Black & White Photography Exhibition
March 9 – May 3, 2013
Receiving day: Wednesday, Feb. 27th
Juror: Darrell Orwig

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Hui No‘eau Annual Juried Exhibition: Artist Feedback

Row 1: Luana Coonen, Kevin Omuro, Christy Vail. Row 2: Karin Rohr, Keri Meyer, Chenta Laury. Row 3: Debbie von Tempsky, Claudia Johnson, Steve Turnbull

We continue to be wow’ed by the level of participation in, enthusiasm for and visitation to the 2013 Hui No’eau Annual Juried Exhibition, which opened last weekend, January 5. With 3 pieces selected by the Hawai‘i State Foundation on Culture & the Arts for their Art in Public Places Program (congratulations Shane Robinson, Heather Burton and Mary Ann Leigh!) and a solid handful of others sold to collectors over the past 3 days, we thought we might share some feedback from the artists themselves, which speak to their intentions for being a part of this important community-based exhibition. Our warmest mahalo to guest juror Lauren Faulkner for putting together such a stunning collection. Enjoy!

"It is an honor to have my work included in this year's Annual Juried Exhibition.  Not only is Hui No'eau a gorgeous venue and setting in which to experience art, but the dialogue - spoken and visual - that is born from the Hui's broad range of programs inspires, moves and pushes artists like myself to new heights. This show is a valuable forum and opportunity for me to have my work reach a broader audience, and hopefully for me to contribute to deepening, expanding and enriching the dialogue around art on Maui and beyond.  I am indeed most grateful for this opportunity." – Chenta Laury

"Submitting work to the Annual Juried Exhibition each year is one of the ways I keep art important in my life.  Each year, as I continue to grow and change as an individual and an artist,  I am able to reflect on what has been happening by looking closer at what work comes forward.  This year's entry was created out of confusion, frustration and a need to break out of typical patterns.  Repetitively winding and wrapping wire, layering the gages of wire and letting the piece happen helped me personally and created an over the top piece that I am proud of.  Art jewelry and sculpture that can be worn is a focus that is important for me to keep alive in my work.  I love the opportunity to share my work with the Hui community and with Maui.  Hearing feedback and seeing reactions to the work is something that I look forward to each year.  It is exciting that we have this gem on Baldwin Avenue, the Hui and all of the  exhibitions that get generated here.  More community involvement, publicity and attention to the wonderful Hui community of art and expression is the only thing I would want to ask for." – Anita Laviola

"I was so excited and honored to be included in the 2013 exhibit. What a fanfrick'ntastic way to start the new year. It also brings me a thrill to see my little army of daredevils and mutants find their way to the walls of the Hui, and "hang" out in a room filled with such visual treats. Maui residents are so lucky to have not only a place like the Hui to showcase such a sea of creative talent, but also exposing to Maui, the Islands, and the World a constant rhythm of cutting edge art. That's what I'm talk'n about. Mucho mahalo." – Jefferson Stillwell

"Most artists continue to make their art regardless of who or what their audience consists of; it is a process and a necessity which we feel is worth devoting our lives to. However, I do think that the aesthetic experience reaches its fullest expression when it is shared and supported. It is a special thing to be a part of a community that places great value in learning what each other cares about, dreams of, and absolutely needs to do- through visual codes, in order to stir ones feelings, refine our thinking abilities and continue to be inspired." – Arlene Taus Salomon

"Having been a full time artist for the last 25 years. I have made many friends on this Island. I enjoy the comradery of exhibiting my art with my peers. As with any juried exhibition there is a bit of anticipation after you delivered your art work on receiving day. It is that day that you see your fellow artists, your friends. Wishing each other good luck. Then you received the news that one of your pieces have been accepted. Always wondering if your friends were also accepted. Being such a small and tight art community you know that some of your friends art was accepted. You get to exhibit together, your extended Ohana.That's what the Hui No'eau is, an extended family. Without the Hui No'eau Visual Art Center, my family would be much smaller, Mahalo to the Hui for being there." – Derek Bencomo, Maui Wood Artist

"My favorite part about juried shows is to be able to see through the juror's eyes, to get their perspective and view of what is attractive art to them; to be able to see this through their choices from all of the fantastic work that is submitted.  Since we are all unique and individuals, this is the best way to see how someone's taste and experience in art can be portrayed all as one exhibition. If the the community was not supportive of this there may not be a place to exhibit for artists, the void would have to be filled some other way.  We are very lucky to have the opportunity to show our work at the Hui and be a part of the process." – Keri Meyer

"My choice of entry "Keane Magic"for the member's exhibit was based on the beauty of the day. This painting express so much of what the most epic day on Maui really is about,the nature of this island. I like the high key of light that calls out a dominance softly in the painting. One can actually hear the intense power of the waves hitting the rocks in the foreground through this painting. There is a mystery that I love about the shoreline of cliffs and the distance little islands. I'm honored that Lauren Faulkner picked this painting for the exhibit. I am inspired by past/present places and scenes on Maui whether on her shores or mountains. I find the Hui Noeau a place that calls to the Art spirit. There is a feeling that one has just found a hidden treasure as you drive through the gates, entering the portico, as one walks the grounds and hears the wind high up in the trees. The Hui No‘eau community is always on the move, contributing a space for learning and sharing that of the uncommon and undiscovered expressions of Hawaii's Artists. They are always reaching out to welcome anyone who has an interest in Art." – Debbie von Tempsky

"I submitted work to this exhibition because of the reputation of the Hui and being a highly selective show it gives me a chance to participate with other artists of high caliber.   It's always great to be in a show with artists that you respect and admire.  With 66 pieces selected out of 233 that were submitted, this is a highly competitive show and I can't wait to see the other pieces chosen.  The Hui is a wonderful community, that I am just now finding.  I've only been on island a year and living in Lahaina, I haven't had much of a chance to be involved until now.  The Hui is a fantastic resource for the people of Maui, not just working artists but children and anyone interested in creating.  I hope that the community will continue to know the importance of art and will support the Hui and it's efforts to make art accessible to everyone.  Juried shows like this one are important to an artists progress and resume and I am honored to have been chosen."  – Heather Burton

"The Hui was where I got my start with digital photography over 5 years ago. Entering a show of this caliber is a great opportunity to grow.  It challenged me to be my own critic and motivator and to then be accepted was really satisfying.  I'm excited because photography is becoming more accessible with advances in hardware and intuitive software.  This allows more people to have access to tools that let them be artistic even if they can't paint or draw. Art is a big word and most commonly something that people observe but don't create.  To provide nurturing support to those that want to try making art while also showcasing work from friends and neighbors really helps to build a core of common ground which is a big part of what makes us a community." – Edward Baldwin

"The Hui is a beautiful setting for cultural events and it's a pleasure to be connected to such a fine organization." – Prof. Heidi Preuss Grew

"This particular Hui Exhibition has importance to me personally.  In the early 1980's when I was on the Board and the Exhibits Chairperson for the Hui (at that time a total volunteer operation), I suggested the idea of having a Hui No`eau Annual Exhibition showcasing our Hui members artwork in a juried exhibition.  The original purpose of the annual exhibition was to give Hui artist members an opportunity to exhibit their work for the community to see.  And as an opportunity for the community to experience the creativeness and professionalism of artist members of Hui No`eau. I understand this show will represent 28% of the art submitted.  I am pleased to be included and I am also saddened that more artists and their work are not exhibited to show the breath of art from the many fine artist members of Hui No`eau.  Maybe someday the Hui can (build) a larger gallery space for this to happen. It is important for the Hui to support such an exhibition so that the entire community can expand their awareness of the contributions the Hui is making to the community. It is an excellent opportunity to educate young and old through visual arts, sharing our culture and visions in various artistic mediums.  It is wonderful to have this exhibition free and open to all to view, community members and visitors alike.  It is important for the Hui to work hand in hand with the community.  Creating in the largest sense is something vital to our lives, be it art or ideas.  It is a form of giving to others.  Teaching visual arts to all ages provides learning ways to express ourselves.  As less and less art is taught in our schools, it is very important to have a visual arts center that can bridge that gap.  It is important for artists to have a place to gather, to share ideas, to continue to learn a vocabulary that better speaks what the artist wants to say visually, to learn new ways to approach art in the creative process.  The Hui No`eau has the opportunity to provide this.  The support of the Community is the same as supporting ourselves, as we are the community.  It is important to keep creative desire alive in people." – Donnette-Gene Wilson

"I am honored to be one of the selected artists for the 2013 Hui No'eau Annual Juried Exhibition.  I have been fortunate in being selected before and also participating in some invitational exhibits at the Hui and I'm very grateful that the Hui sponsors these exhibits and that a few generous people also offer financial support for these exhibits.  I think that the gallery space is special in the way it allows such intimacy with the viewer and the art.  The charm of the old building and the uniqueness of showing work in a historical building in "real" rooms, makes it feel as if one is enjoying the art in someone's home.  I think that's a fun way to view art, in a real living room and dining room, albeit retrofitted as gallery space.  Through past involvement on the Hui board of directors and one time chair of the exhibits committee, I know the enormous work and work hours that go in to providing such wonderful opportunities to exhibit and view art. It would have been impossible over the years, living on Maui, to have furthered my art education, through any other venue OTHER than the Hui. Some of the most interesting art created on Maui is not art that is particularly suited to selling in a gallery.  I'm very, very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Hui's juried exhibit so that I can share some of my non-commercial work with the public.  It's always fun to make art and even more fun to share it with others.  Thank you, Hui No'eau Visual Art Center." – Christy Vail

"I feel so honored to have been chosen for the Hui's annual show. I also feel so fortunate to have the Hui No'eau here on Maui and have been able to partake in classes, the open studios, shows, everything the Hui has to offer and the wonderful art community. This is a beautiful place."
Mary Grandy

Visit our Facebook page's"Exhibition Program" photo album to see all of the art included in the 2013 Hui No‘eau Annual Juried Exhibition. Mahalo nui loa to our sponsors:  Jack & Carolyn Schaefer Gray, Robert & Fran Davidson and Doug & Jill Schatz.