Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hui Announces Artists Selected for 2009 Solo Artist Exhibition

On Friday, August 21st, 2009, the Hui will proudly present it's bi-annual Solo Artist Exhibition, featuring a complete body of work by two emerging artists that have made significant contributions to our local arts and culture.

One of the only shows in the state of Hawaii providing the unique opportunity for artists to be personally involved in all facets of the exhibition planning and installation, the Solo Artist Exhibition has advanced careers, attracted valuable exposure for emerging artists, and spurred community dialogue.

Previous artists selected for the exhibition include Abigail Romanchak, Deb Nehmad, San Shoppell, David Hamma, KC Smith, Rick Allred, Deybra Fair, and Janet Davis, all of which have become well-known for their work and continue to develop successful careers as artist practitioners.
"I had my Hui Solo show in 1995, two years after I had moved to the island. It was a wonderful way to get to know the art community here as well as an amazing creative challenge. A solo show at an art center like the Hui really pushes you to do your best I've had about 14 solo shows since then and have acquired a great base of collectors and galleries". - Janet Davis

"Having the opportunity to create a new body of work for the Hui No'eau Solo Exhibition challenged me to produce a visually and conceptually strong exhibition. It was an honor to show a collection of my work in such a beautiful and accessible gallery space". -Abigail Lee Kahilikia Romanchak

"As a practicing artist in Hawaii, I was honored by the opportunity to compete for and be awarded a Solo Exhibition in a community art space like the Hui. The exercise of completing the application, and then curating one's own work was invaluable. The space itself is a wonderful place to show one's art and the staff was very helpful. The fact that there are so few opportunities in Hawaii for an artist to have a solo show makes the opportunity all the more invaluable. I also appreciated the ability to reach an audience beyond Oahu". –Deborah Nehmad

This year's show will feature Maui's own Tim Garcia and the Big Island's Margo Ray. Garcia's new body of work, Oval Explorations, will bring to fruition his exploration of this simple, yet pervasive shape through sculpture, print, and cast metals. Ray will present, Postcards, Snapshots and Collected Lamentations, with collages that are global in their perspective and often address ideas and emotions around our post-colonial present.

"I've been a part of this art community for a long time," says Garcia, "following in the footsteps of past Solo Artists like Abbey & Dave, I was honored by the opportunity to apply and am proud to be a part of this tradition. It's been a great to focus on the momentum I've gained in working with circular forms and growth cycles."

"It's been exciting for me to get back to this idea of creating work that doesn't necessarily include painting, drawing or other skills widely considered to be fine art," says Ray, "Initially I was surprised by the paring of Tim and I, but really we both focus on accessibility, dialogue and texture. It's great that the Hui is focusing on community-based work and I look forward to experiencing the final result."

The exhibition runs from August 21 through September 25, 2009. Stay tuned for updates and opening information at

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