Monday, June 29, 2009

Kamehameha Scholars Take to the Hui

Kamehameha Scholars recently participated in a guided gallery tour, Q&A session and multiple hands-on workshops exploring concepts of self-identity through a variety of media. The trip was the group's Maui-based activity for 2009, aimed at broadening understanding of education and future careers in the arts. Kamehameha Scholars is a supplementary enrichment program for students from all Hawaiian Islands with a focus on college and career guidance designed to encourage and assist students in raising their academic and career aspirations. It is part of Kamehameha Schools' effort to extend its educational reach to more students of Hawaiian ancestry.
"We had a wonderful time at the Hui," said Kamehameha Scholars Program Specialist Renee Jorg,  "The experience was educational and enlightening for the students. We wish to have more opportunities like this with the Hui in the future. Our time with you was fun-filled and very enriching. We hope to continue the collaboration into next year."
Excerpts from the student evaluations read:
The Hui is AIGHT!!! Very nice, knowledgeable speakers with activities that were so much better than expected, as I've been to so many art classes–but I really enjoyed this trip.
SUPER CHERRY- I really liked drawing that new way and have a lot more of confidence to create art.
Taking photos isn't easy. I learned how to set up a photo using shadow, depth, primary colors, and Photoshop in the MAC lab. They have a lot of options and activities for kids, like taking classes during breaks and setting up scholarships. 

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