Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hui Staff Team Up with the Empty Bowl Project

Hui staff members (L to R) Rachel Edelman, Anne-Marie Forsythe, Kelly McHugh, Birgitte Golden, Caroline Killhour, and Lana Coryell proudly pitched in to finance the ceramic bowl firing for this year's "Empty Bowl Project." Additional Hui supporters not pictured here include Carol Childerhose, Bob Flint, Jessica Hoecker, Keri Meyer, Mary Orwig, and Deb Zaleski.

A benefit for the Maui Food Bank, the Empty Bowl Project was produced on April 14th by Star Noodle and the Maui Organization for the Ceramic Arts (MOCA) as part of an international grassroots effort to help fight hunger. Events have been held across the United States and in at least a dozen other countries, raising millions of dollars for hunger-fighting organizations. During last Saturday's event, 200+ Maui-based ceramic artists created handcrafted bowls that were sold for a donation to be kept as a keepsake reminding attendees of all the "empty bowls" in the world. Representing Maui's premiere community-based ceramic program, Hui staff were proud to act as ambassadors for the event and to help position the arts as a part of this important community improvement initiative.

Join us at the Hui this Saturday at 12 pm to learn about the history of the Hui's ceramic program by one of its founding members, 2012 Retrospective Artist Jennifer Owen, who will offer a (FREE) guided tour of her critically-acclaimed ceramic art exhibition. See you at 12 noon!

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