Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Artist Feedback: 2012 Annual Juried Exhibition

It has quickly become apparent that this year's Hui No‘eau Annual Juried Exhibition is knocking the socks off of collectors, visitors and artists. With more than 10% of the show sold before opening day, we are so thankful to our juror, Allyn Bromley, and the Hawai‘i State Foundation on Culture & the Arts, who selected SIX pieces for their Art in Public Places Program, for sharing their talents with Hui No‘eau. We thought it would be nice to share some of our artist feedback here, which says so much about the value of this important program as well as that of fostering creativity in our Maui community. Enjoy!

"I am honored and humbled to be accepted into the recent 2012 Hui No`eau Annual Juried Exhibiton. This is a very strong, competitive showing, of which only 72 pieces were selected from 306 entered overall. In the 48 years I have been showing in the public I always appreciate the community support and realize how important it is to be picked by jurors and show the public my latest work. This is one way that I can give to the Hui, a facility that needs our continued support. Thank you." Rick Strini

"Being accepted into a juried show is an important validation of one’s creative growth. It also provides a venue for those who want to explore the limits of their artistic vision. It's so important to have such an opportunity in this small community & I am very grateful to the Hui for giving this gift to the artistic community." Aloha, Kathy Sakai

"I love the idea that my four Welcoming Figures are greeting visitors in the Hui while standing guard and enjoying the view up there. It was a special pleasure to attend the exhibition opening-- such a supportive, engaged, and friendly community." Best, Heidi Preuss Grew

"To have one’s work considered worthy of being a part of the 2012 Hui No'eau Annual Juried Exhibition is a true honor. I was so impressed with juror Allyn Bromley’s breadth and depth of artistic credentials. Allyn spoke about the difficulty she faced judging so many skillful and beautifully crafted works submitted by our artist community. Allyn’s delicate and thoughtful approach to assembling this year’s exhibition especially considering the large number of quality submissions makes the privilege of participating just that much more rewarding. Artists and art appreciators alike benefit greatly from the Hui. We are so fortunate to have an organization where art classes, exhibitions and studios are available year round to all who are interested. As one who is both artist and art appreciator I’m so thankful to those individuals who volunteer their time and energy to the Hui and to the many throughout our community who contribute financial support to such a wonderful organization. - Brad Forsythe

"I feel happy to be out there again sharing my work within the art community and the general public. Submitting for juried shows is always interesting, there are so many factors at work for the juror during the process of selection and it is certainly an honor to have some of my pieces included in this year’s exhibit. I find that working as an artist is not an easy task. One of the major challenges in art production is learning how to balance our thinking, about our role or responsibility as artists and balancing our thinking between true economic possibilities and the lack of economic possibilities. It is so important to find ways to strengthen our belief in ourselves and our art, and to keep building on that belief and have the confidence to know that our creative abilities will make a significant difference in a world of intense competition and rapid change. Our art community on Maui is fortunate to have the Hui No`eau as a major support system. It is this type of support that encourages and sustains artists and all those associated with the visual arts." Mahalo, Arlene Taus Salomon

"I am so pleased to be in this show with two pieces chosen and one getting a Recognition Award. The Hui is itself quite alluring because of its grounds and history but the quality of its offerings (classes, workshops, museum shop, exhibits) is what makes it so valuable to Maui and especially Upcountry Maui. I live two miles away and our milieu is what I paint and want to paint. So the opportunity to show my work right here where many of the viewers know the same landscape is gratifying and precious. If I ever cause anyone to see the land around us through my eyes because of what I paint, I am thrilled. There are few opportunities to show one's work in such company and in such a setting. To be able to see what other artists are creating is so valuable. I think there are lots of us who work hard, create special and skilled work who are not widely known- so the chance to "mingle" artistically is one I am more than grateful for. It is a curious thing to have one's work feel so validated by being chosen for a juried show. It might sit in one's studio looking one way, subject to hyper-criticism of its creator perhaps- or not yet dignified by mat, glass, and frame. What a difference context can make. It's a touchy subject perhaps but we do live on a resort island and there is a resort art market. The fact that there is the Hui, not catering to the almighty tourist dollar but showing sophisticated, edgy work which is still very much OF Maui is precious to all of us- but maybe most of all, to us, its grateful artists." -Elizabeth Keller

"I feel honored to have been chosen as a part of this exhibition, mainly because I felt it was a particularly good show. I love sharing my work at the Hui. I like that there are now a number of juried shows each year, not just the annual show - that there are shows with a particular subject, such as 'Visualizing Green.' Supporting the visual arts is of the utmost importance in these times when art funding and education is nationally drying up and being devalued. It is the opposite of what we need if we want our country to continue be a global leader. We need creativity to be fostered in our citizens." -Kristin Fein

"Being accepted into this exhibition is very rewarding, and validating. The juror chose work that had a sculptural element to it. I love that I have been included in this exciting and diverse show. It helps me keep going and believing in my work and my unique vision of what is wearable jewelry. Sharing my work with the Hui community is something that I enjoy. My hope is that the Hui community becomes a bigger community. More announcements to the Maui county about the exciting and vital work that is happening at this arts center. It is a key to the health of the community. We all do better when there is art in our lives. It creates a conversation that is beyond words and the gathering to see others visions opens the door for growth both personally and as a community. The Hui provides an accessible way for this to happen." Mahalo, Anita Laviola

"I feel very honored to have my work included in this exhibit. I entered because I was impressed with the juror's body of work and her long career within the fine art community. The fact that I produced something that spoke to her was quite wonderful. I was doubly fortunate to garner a State Foundation Recognition Award and it is the Hui that again afforded this link between artist and collector. I again thank the Hui for this opportunity." - Connie J. Adams

"Like most of the other artists, I felt very honored to have a piece selected for this exhibition. I have great respect for the juror and thought her lecture gave insight into her reasons for selection. Over the years, I have learned much from some of the classes and workshops given at the Hui. Most of them are at the college level. This juror has taught for many years at the Univ. of Hawaii and brings, I think, a bit of academic approach to the selection." -Judy Bisgard

"To be selected is always an honor! The creative depth of the Hui membership is amazing, so be a part of this show is humbling to say the least. I love having my work seen and appreciated by the community at large, it’s exciting to see the things that inspire me do the same for others. Maui has an amazing community of artists and the Hui has an important part in it. Art is the soul of a community, there are not enough places supporting it’s growth and development. Keep up the great work and mahalo for including me in the show." - Mike Neal

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