Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Day at the Hui

Mahalo to Hui Development Assistant Tara Crawford for sharing her "day in the life at the Hui" photo shoot with us, starring the awesomeness of 8-year old Kirra Crawford.

"Here are some pictures from Kirra's adventures in Hui-land. She looks like Alice in Wonderland running away from me outside. If people only realized how much fun children could have exploring Kaluanui!"

Posing inside of Patrick Dougherty's "On the Wild Side"

Strawberry guava in a strawberry dress

Enjoying the dazzling DRESS holiday installation piece led by visionary Andre Morissette with the help of Maggie Costigan, Mary Grandy, Caroline Killhour, Mary Ann Lambert, Kathy Marchetti, Kerry Nel, Darrell Orwig, Karuna Santoro, Cristina Schenk, Nancy Skrimstad, Marc Tolliver and Billy Welker.

Warming up by the fireplace

Subtly hinting to mom which Hui Holidays pieces she wants for Christmas!

Lucky, lucky girl! Someone got special permission from the Executive Director for this shot!

Ready to get lost in the Hui's bamboo forest

In search of jackson lizards

From the photo studio to the solarium she goes

And into the garden...

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