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Hui No‘eau Annual Juried Exhibition: Raising the Bar for Maui Arts

On Friday, January 8 nearly 200 individuals gathered at Hui No`eau Visual Arts Center to celebrate the opening of its Annual Juried Exhibition. Generously sponsored by Jack & Carolyn Schaefer Gray, Robert & Fran Davidson and Louis & Jolene Cole , this prestigious multi-media arts competition offered an opportunity to view the current work of Hui members aged 16+ as well as participate in topics upon which contemporary minds are engaged. Each year, nationally renowned guest jurors represent respected curators and artists from Maui, Hawai'i and beyond, offering a different perspective for a unique and fresh show. With only 50 pieces selected from 288 entries, the 2010 Annual Juried Exhibition continues to represent a highly competitive and valued program in our visual arts community.

This year the Hui was fortunate to welcome distinguished jurors Inger Tully, Curator of Exhibitions at The Contemporary Museum in Honolulu and Theresa Papanikolas, Curator of European and American Art at Honolulu Academy of Arts. "This year's submissions offered a snapshot of a lively art community and revealed trends as well as outstanding individuals," remarked Tully, "(During the jurying process,) many of the works made us think, laugh, or wonder, and all raised questions: How was this done, exactly? What was the inspiration? Who is this artist and what is their background? Or simply: What was the artist thinking!?"

The exhibition is on view now through February 18th, Monday – Saturday from 10 am – 4 pm. Admission to Hui No'eau is free. View a sneak peak of the artwork HERE.

Hear what the artists have to say:

I'm so excited to be a part of this show! Ever since I was introduced to the Hui a few years ago, I've admired the many different exhibitions I've seen here. This is the first time I've been one of the artists in the Hui gallery, and I am honored to have my work hanging amongst all these pieces created by such talented folks! Making and appreciating art has always been an integral part of my life, and I'm thankful that I continue to grow and improve as an artist. We are lucky to have a place like the Hui here in our community, where classes and evolving exhibitions and studios are so easily accessible. The visual arts enrich our lives, and complement the beautiful and amazing island we live on. -Katie Browne

Since I artistically "grew up" at the Hui and am currently an independent potter here, it is an incredible honor to have my work accepted into the show. I have learned from many incredible Hui ceramics instructors. The "Finding Your Voice in Clay" class determined that my voice is, in fact, schizophrenic, and other classes impressed upon me the dreadful importance of diligent attention to detail. Also, I benefitted from the generous guidance of the independent potters. George, Stacey, and many others stopping their own work to teach me subtleties and techniques rather than let me bang my head against the wall. Finally, the synergistic sharing of methodology, support, and, most of all, friendship with other Hui potters has allowed my creativity to explode. -Mary Ann Leigh

First of all I want to say thank you for the venue to show this work. I appreciate the Hui and its on going support of the artists. For this show, I am so appreciative for the interest in three-dimensional work and the interest in non-traditional jewelry. I feel supported by this institute and love that it's a bridge to the larger Maui and Hawaii community. It's important for a community to support the visual arts this way to hear all of the individual voices that make up the community. Maui is wonderful but sometimes the community is not aware of all the variety of important art being created here. There is a world outside of the visitor industry that is often overlooked. I find it important to look for and listen to all of the members, even those who are still finding their voice. -Anita Laviola

It is quite an honor and also a responsibility to keep testing the limits of my own creativity and ability to communicate an idea or concept through the mediums of acrylic or watercolor. The Hui is our finest resource in the arts and as a social force. Moving to Hawaii in 1994 I was immediately made aware of the existence and educational benefits of the Hui. As part of the faculty at the Alternative Learning Center High School we include the Hui in our curriculum to give our students awareness and experience of the arts through watercolor, studio crafts and art history with such great instructors as Pamela Hayes. Our students look forward to the Hui each week and treasure their productions. The whole community is invited to participate in this mini University of the Arts and the wide support it enjoys is a reflection of a space which has an exquisite form and a continuously evolving and developing function: to allow all to experience the arts. I am grateful to be part of an exhibit to show some of the works of the Hui No`eau membership. Aloha, Sharon Dahl

It is certainly an honor to have been accepted into this exhibition at Hui No`eau Visual Arts Center. I know that less than 18% of the work submitted for the jury selection made it into this show. I am very excited and feel most privileged to be able to share my glass fusion artwork in this place so richly steeped in Maui history and creative abundance. It is especially inspiring to know that the art selected may be inclusive of work from students to masters of the arts. This type of exposure for all levels of artists is important, especially in today's challenging economic climate. The community support of the visual arts, and every art form, is so much more critical in recent years. Our citizens hunger for artistic stimulation in light of the public school funding limitations. We are very fortunate to have this "Hui" to facilitate the visual arts on Maui to help feed our creative appetites. With much appreciation, Audrey Ventimiglia

I am honored and delighted to be accepted in the Hui show. I really appreciate all that the Hui does for our community and this show is an example of how the Hui gives support back to its' supporters. From the time I first moved to the island, I have loved being involved in the large variety of classes that the Hui provides and the whole experience of being able to take them in such a magical location. Thanks again. Warmest aloha Virginia Pierce

It has been said, "Arts are the glue that hold a community together." I am honored to be included with this group of artists in this amazing community. "Every child is an artist. The challenge is to remain an artist after you grow up," Pablo Picasso shared. He also stated, "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." I believe our lives are enriched by art especially art created in your own community. -Ricardo Vasquez

I think that it is extremely important to get your art viewed by the public--having said that I am humbled and honored to have my work chosen for this particular show. As a juried exhibition, the show becomes a reflection of the experience and artistic backgrounds of the jurors themselves. That is why having two wonderful Hawaii jurists from the Honolulu Academy of Art and the Contemporary Museum can in itself elevate the visual conversation for this show. I have not yet seen the work for this show but I am very much looking forward to this Friday's opening. Kudos for getting the support of these jurors for the Hui member show. -Terry Lopez, MFA, drawing and painting, CSUF

I feel very honored to get into the exhibit and I respect the opinions of the jurors. I like getting feed back from other members. The community needs to support the visual arts in this way because it gives people insight into new ways of looking at things. –Judy Bisgard

As an Artist I am privileged to have my work selected for this exhibition, and to show with the other artists that were chosen. I have been blessed being so close to the Hui and seeing first hand what Magic happens on this wonderful property. There are very few venues that Art can be shown in a proper way. The fact that any Maui resident & Hui Member has the opportunity to be chosen to exhibit in this setting is truly a gift. We are so lucky to have a community that supports the Arts and I am always in joyful thanks that Maui is my home and having the Hui as a place of inspiration, collaboration, and community keeps me growing as an Artist !! Cheers Tim Garcia

As an expressionist, I encourage artists to reveal (to themselves and to others) what they are discovering about truth and purpose. Exhibitions such as these give me a chance to share the progression of my own revelations over time, and to note what discoveries and changes other artists are making. Some are predictably inspiring, others surprising! -Pat Masumoto
Reverend Kipi Higa offers a blessing before exhibition sponsors Jack & Carolyn Schaefer Gray and Jolene & Louis Cole

Juror Inger Tully offers background information on a piece by Akira Iha.

Featured artist Katie Browne admires artwork by Hui Executive Director Caroline Killhour

Bailey Golden and Kaela Forsythe react enthusiastically to a piece by Michael Worcester

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